1. "Jack gave me a very fair assessment of my case, including what might work in my favor and what might not. I really felt I had someone working on my side. His honesty about the consequences is what convinced me…from start to finish, Jack demonstrated great skill and sharpness while handling the case. My circumstances where tricky…but I really knew I had won when I saw him in action during the trial…Jack's reputation in Court was very impressive. In Court appearances with Jack I was always the first case heard. I knew I had made the right choice from the way people in the Court interfaced with him…I would definitely recommend Jack to anyone unfortunate enough to be in the situation I was in. I have already told a number of my friends about his skills at winning such cases."
Vani A., Cambridge, Massachusetts

2. "Jack Diamond gave me all of the possible consequences, both likely and unlikely and made sure I understood everything surrounding my case before I left. By answering all of my questions, he was able to assuage some of my fears and make me more comfortable with my situation…it was obvious to me that Jack Diamond was experienced surrounding the OUI laws as he immediately picked out everything that the officers did incorrectly and even checked the police training handbooks for reference…it was obvious from watching others interact with Mr. Diamond that he was a well known lawyer with an excellent reputation…everybody knew his name…Mr. Diamond was extremely knowledgeable of the OUI laws and from the moment he set foot in the courtroom, his knowledge and experience just poured out of him. He knew exactly what questions to ask and he did an excellent job preparing for the case. . . . After researching and meeting with several lawyers, Jack blew me away. He knew more than any other lawyer…he was a pro…Jack seemed extremely well liked and respected by other attorneys and court workers…absolutely, he is the best OUI lawyer in Massachusetts."
M. Pierce, Charlestown, Massachusetts

3. "Jack Diamond informed me of all of the possible outcomes painting a realistic picture…he made me feel as though he really listened to me and put me at ease…Jack acted in a confident manner throughout the process and could answer all of my questions…I was quite impressed with Jack Diamond's courtroom demeanor, he makes his points and does not back down…I was thoroughly pleased with the results."
J. R., Brockton, Massachusetts

4. "Jack was the third attorney I interviewed and my final selection. He was able to confidently walk me through the legal process objectively outlining the upside and downside in a very proactive manner. After our initial meeting, I felt a sense of clarity in regard to my options and strategies from that point on. It was the first night I could sleep feeling in control of the situation…my impression of Jack's reputation in the court was that of respect and credibility from both the Judge, who's demeanor clearly changed for the positive when Jack's name was announced, and from the other attorneys on deck…overall I would describe Jack's efforts as honest, consistent and professional from start to finish…I strongly recommend Jack Diamond to anyone in an OUI situation that cannot afford to risk losing his or her driver's license. He approaches a very emotional situation with a winning attitude."
Jennifer H., Hingham, Massachusetts

5. "Jack was upfront about all of the possibilities but, I left his office feeling confident that he knew exactly what to do about my case…Jack seemed extremely knowledgeable of the laws and procedures, it was evident that this was his forte and he tried to educate me as well…the ease with which Jack handled my case was evident from day one. His skills showed proof from our first meeting up to the conclusion of my case…I feel that Jack did a great job, my outcome was good and he put me at ease during a difficult time."
Joe S., Marshfield, Massachusetts

6. "Mr. Diamond made me feel both comfortable and confident, which put my mind at ease…Jack is a true expert in his profession…no question, Jack would be my only recommendation."
Lance Mirkin, Sandwich, Massachusetts

7. "Jack Diamond is well informed of past and present OUI laws…Jack Diamond is highly skilled in his field. His handling of my case was truly superb…it was obvious that Jack Diamond is a respected attorney. He was well known by many of the court staff…the overall handling of my case was excellent and done in a highly professional manner…I would recommend Jack Diamond to a family member or a friend without any hesitation."
James Cronin, Norwood, Massachusetts

8. "Mr. Diamond was very thorough and went over all the facts. He was realistic yet, very reassuring…I was extremely impressed. His knowledge on the laws of procedures as well as his comfort level in the courtroom was very evident and helped put me at ease…I dealt with two courts in two different towns, all seemed to know him and approach him with a smile, a handshake and by his first name. It was quite reassuring…professional, realistic, positive, excellent!"
Deborah H., Wayland, Massachusetts

9. "Jack immediately made me realize the importance of my situation and the potential consequences. However, he made me 100% confident that he would do his best to minimalize any penalty on my part…Jack was great in the courtroom. He knew the laws up and down and knew what would happen before anything took place, it was very comforting…I was pretty amazed that everyone in the court process was familiar and friendly with Jack. It made me feel as if everyone was open-minded in my case and not immediately judging me as wrong…hopefully, the situation never arises where someone would be in a similar situation but, if they were, Jack Diamond would be the lawyer."
Anthony S., Quincy, Massachusetts

10. "Jack was very personable during our initial meeting. He listened more than counseling…Jack Diamond is a true professional…I initially wanted to pursue my case differently. Jack expressed a few different options which were pursued in the most favorable direction successfully."
Keith W., Boston, Massachusetts

11. "Jack made me feel that I was making the right decision in fighting the charges and he was right!"
Joseph Femino, Roslindale, Massachusetts

12. "After my initial meeting with Jack Diamond, he made me feel very positive about my case. He made points that I had not thought about and he was very knowledgeable of my situation…Jack Diamond definitely knows all of the OUI laws and court procedures. He told me exactly what was going to happen and when before it even happened…Jack Diamond demonstrated a very high level of skill and advocacies in handling my case…he seemed to know the Judges and attorneys that were involved in my case and around the court, and the ones he did not know, he made relationships with easily and quickly…I definitely recommend Jack Diamond to a friend or family member who unfortunately find themselves in my position."
Kerry Willis, Foxborough, Massachusetts

13. "My first impression of Jack was he was very calm and collected. Jack knew all of the ins and outs of the OUI procedures…he is the best attorney to have in an OUI case…Jack was very professional throughout the whole case and I feel very fortunate to have had him as my lawyer…if a friend, family member was in the same situation, I would strongly urge them to take Jack's services for the absolute best outcome of their case."
Jason M., Foxborough, Massachusetts

14. "Very confident, very knowledgeable, excellent."
Donna Dobson, Plymouth, Massachusetts

15. "Mr. Diamond reviewed all of the circumstances regarding my case with extreme diligence and attention to all of the details…Mr. Diamond was respected by both the prosecution and the Judge…Mr. Diamond was extremely skillful in representing me…he presented all factual evidence pertaining to my case with convincing finesse leading to my acquittal…I would highly recommend Mr. Diamond to represent a family member or friend in a similar circumstance."
John S., Boston, Massachusetts

16. "Jack left me feeling well informed, positive and incouraged about my case. He also made sure I did understand the consequences of all of the options available to me and directed to the best possible outcome…Jack shows that he has a very extensive understanding of Massachusetts OUI laws…Jack's skill was obvious in court. He lead the jury to conclude that there is only one possible conclusion - not guilty…my case was on the Cape but, I still got the feeling that Jack was familiar with many judges and clerks and they with him, that was very reassuring…Jack did a great job, he has a great presence in court…I would certainly recommend Jack, just as he was recommended to me by my brother, a police detective."
C. Harrington, Dennis, Massachusett